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  • Can I travel to Cuba in Summer 2020?

    Summary Phase 1 of Post COVID-19 recovery plan. Tourists CAN NOT travel to Cuba. June 17/2020 – First phase established in Cuba (except for Havana and Matanzas). June 22/2020 – First phase established in Matanzas. July 3/2020 – First phase established in Havana. Phase 2. Tourist can travel to Cuba, but only to the Keys. […]

  • Everything you need to know about Cuban cigars

    Cuban Cigars – History, Heritage, Production & Smoking on the Island Cuban cigars are world-renowned for their quality and taste. They play an integral role in Cuba’s history and development. Cuba has been shaped by cigars. And cigars have been shaped by Cuba. The history of the Cuban cigar and the impact on the social, […]

  • Cuban visa: ultimate guide to the Cuban Tourist Card

    Every tourist entering Cuba, aside from their passport, most have another important document: a Tourist Card Visa. This is also known as a Cuban visa by many. There is another document which is a Visa, and it is for people who cannot obtain a Tourist Card Visa. Don’t fret, we’ll explain. Do I need a […]

  • How to visit Cuba (from your home)

    Coronavirus is nowadays all over the news. The whole world has been affected by this virus and we are all concerned about it. This is definetly not the time to travel; but what if you find a way to travel without leaving your home? Those who are eager about travelling to Cuba can use the […]

  • All you need to know about Bacardi Rum

    Bacardi holds the title of being the largest family-owned spirits company in the world, with its ever-growing range of more than 200 labels and brands. This globally acclaimed brand has its presence in more than 170 markets around the world. Although the brand avidly offers a wide range of liquor to its consumers, their signature […]

  • Jewish Cuba

    The popular legend of the Jewish community in Cuba states that there were Jews that arrived to Cuba on the very same boat that brought Columbus to the New World. Hence, the history of the Jewish community in Cuba begins with the European conquest. Spain at that point in time was not particularly religiously tolerant, […]

  • Getting to know the Havana International Fair

    Official Website Dates: Nov 4 to Nov 8, 2019 The most important multidisciplinary trade fair in Cuba is the Havana International Fair (FIHAV). This is a weeklong event celebrated every year, to promote commercial products and services from Cuba to the world and to attract foreign inversion to the island. FIHAV has become one of […]

  • Guide to Trinidad, Cuba

    Trinidad is a small town located near Cienfuegos in the eastern part of Cuba. It is a stunningly beautiful place, mainly known for its abundance of colonial architecture; and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, following Havana and Varadero. In 1988 it was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage […]

  • How to go from Viñales to Trinidad

    Vinales is approximately 500km away from Trinidad, which can be a very long journey in Cuba. Nonetheless, this is a popular route for many tourists. Bus from Vinales to Trinidad The “tourist bus” Viazul company offers one daily trip from Viñales to Trinidad. The bus departs at 6:45 am every day, and is quite popular, […]

  • How to eat cheap in Havana, Cuba

    In Cuba, there is a big variety of places to eat, which can be extremely expensive, as well as surprisingly cheap. For low-budget traveler in Cuba, as well as people who simply want to experience Cuba from the point of view of the local people, the best option is street food. In Havana there are […]