Malecon 663: a hipster boutique hotel in Havana

Malecon 663: a hipster boutique hotel in Havana

by WhyNotCuba

Malecon 663 it’s a striking boutique hotel in Centro Havana, the most authentic neighborhood in the city. This place is far from being just a hotel; comfort, elegance and sophistication are not it’s only features. Music, art, cuisine and fashion, all converge in this popular hipster spot.

What’s the story?

Two passionate and creative people brought this old house back to life: Sandra Exposito, an innovative French woman, and her husband Orlandito Mengual, a Cuban charangero. In 2015 the 20th century house that occupied the number 663 on Malecon avenue was completely renovated. They combined a hostel, a lounge bar, a concept store and a rooftop bar. The four rooms are individually themed, each with a different style (art deco, vintage, contemporary and eclectic). You can book online one of the 3 rooms or the suite overlooking the sea on Booking.com.

The concept store, lounge bar and rooftop bar are open for non-guest. This spot has become really popular among habaneros. Cuban artist, musicians, models and entrepreneurs frequent this famous hipster spot.

The house is full of recycled artistic creations, and everything stored, exhibited or used is for sale. Therefore, cuban creators, artists, designers and fashion entrepreneurs find in Malecon 663 a platform to show, promote and sale their products. The concept store exhibits unique fashion accessories made by the young Cuban generation. They have hosted some spectacular fashion shows as well.

How is the food?

Food in Cuba can be a tricky subject. Almost every restaurant displays the same menu: rice, beans, plantain chips, a very small salat and a piece of meat. Finding vegetarian food or just a light meal can be very difficult in Cuba. However, the cuisine at Malecon 663 is excellent; simple, creative and diverse. They know exactly what you need (PD: they have excellent brunch offers). The cocktails are awesome, they have their own inventions with songs names, served in huge recycled glasses.


The rooftop bar opens every day at 6 pm, the perfect time to have a refreshing mojito overlooking the sea. They have quite a full calendar on this bar: live music performances, thematic parties, chillout parties. You can follow Malecon 663 on Instagram to know what’s going on, or just drop by and ask yourself.

Fashions shows, art exhibitions, live music performances…. Everything can happen in Malecon 663.

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