How to go from Viñales to Trinidad

How to go from Viñales to Trinidad

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Vinales is approximately 500km away from Trinidad, which can be a very long journey in Cuba. Nonetheless, this is a popular route for many tourists.

Bus from Vinales to Trinidad

The “tourist bus” Viazul company offers one daily trip from Viñales to Trinidad. The bus departs at 6:45 am every day, and is quite popular, even though it takes almost 10 hours (and multiple stops) to get to Trinidad.

It costs 37 CUC on the Viazul site, and a bit more on ZunZunCar if you can’t get it on Viazul.

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As always, you can book on the Viazul website, or on ZunZunCar.

Shared taxi from Viñales to Trinidad

The shared taxis (colectivos) that go from Viñales to Trinidad leave at approximately 8:30 am and cost around 50 CUC. You can book them online through ZunZunCar or try to book it through your host in Viñales.

Make sure you don’t get scammed when you book it though, as there are different tiers of comfort in shared taxis as well. Generally there should be no changing cars, or very little waiting time. Cheaper options might be a simply a camion to Havana with the hope that the driver will put you on a camion to Trinidad.

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Private taxi from Viñales to Trinidad

Considering the long, almost 8 hour drive over 500km its not surprising this is not a cheap option. It costs around 200 CUC to get a private car that will take you through this route.

Again, you can either book online or try to square something after arriving to Viñales.

Getting to Trinidad from Viñales using a camion or a local colectivo

For this you are better off going through Havana. Read Viñales to Havana and Havana to Trinidad.

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