How to get to Trinidad from Havana

How to get to Trinidad from Havana

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Bus – ViazulTaxi – ColectivoTaxi – PrivateCamion
Duration6-7 hours5-6 hours5-6 hours7-10 hours
Departs fromViazul stationTerminal de PlazaCasa/HotelTerminal de Omnibus en VillaNueva


The safest way to travel by bus is with Viazul. Two buses from this company leave Havana National Terminal (used to be Havana Viazul Terminal till March 22nd 2019) for Trinidad every day. The first one is early in the morning and the second closer to noon. The trip lasts between 6 and 7 hours, including stops in Playa Larga, Playa Girón and Cienfuegos. The official rate is 25 CUC.

A daily bus from Astro company leaves Havana towards Trinidad. They only offer seats for foreigners if they are students, have identification as Cubans or have Cuban residence. The price for locals is 66 Peso Cubano. The Terminal de Plaza (Havana National Terminal) is near Plaza de la Revolución. You have to book the tickets several days before at the main station or the agency offices, spread all over the capital.


If you stay at a hotel, simply go down to the lobby and ask for a taxi. At a casa particular in Havana, the owner can also help you to get a car.

You can also book a taxi online: 

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Private Taxi to Trinidad

Booking a taxi to Trinidad via one of the available companies will cost you about 140 CUC. On the other hand, splitting the rates like in a colectivo could be better for those traveling on a shoestring budget. For four people the cost can be 35 CUC, and for three people it may be around 48 CUC.

Taxi colectivo to Trinidad

Outside Terminal de Plaza there are some taxis colectivos to Santa Clara and Cienfuegos that can move you forward. The price for locals is 10 to 15 CUC, but some dealers can rip you off as soon as they become aware that you are a tourist.

They can try to increase the rate to 40 or 50 CUC. The dealers are fully aware of Viazul prices and will try to anchor what you pay to them. Try to not budge and pay what the locals pay.

Car hiring

If you enjoy driving yourself, hire a car at REX, Cubacar or Havanautos. The fare is roughly 40 CUC a day, plus fuel and insurance. The driving distance is approximately 315 km, and covering it will take you about 4 hours.

Camion to Trinidad via Sancti SpiritusG

Getting to Trinidad is harder because there is no straightforward cheap public transport for foreigners on that route (its not on the highway). Your best choice is to go on the camion eastwards (the same one that would take you to Santiago or Guantanamo) and get off at a specific point on the highway.

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Easiest (but not shortest) way is to take the camion from Havana to the crossroads of Sancti Spiritus (4-5 CUC). From there, you either walk for 10km or try to take a colectivo with all the locals going the same direction on highway 66 (about 20 CUP). From Sancti Spiritus you can take a local public bus for 5 CUP if you are exceptionally good at haggling, but they might try to charge you 5 CUC.


Find out what to do once you get to the colonial city of Trinidad:

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