How to get to Havana National Terminal (Terminal de Omnibus)

How to get to Havana National Terminal (Terminal de Omnibus)

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Havana National Terminal was until recently the place from where the Astro bus leaves Havana for all the other Cuban provinces. The Astro bus is primarily intended as a means of transport for Cubans (and foreign residents living in Cuba) to travel between towns.

However, as of March 22nd of 2019 it is also where Viazul buses depart from. It is also where taxi colectivos leave the city to many different locations. For example, to get to Viñales you can take a colectivo to Pinar del Rio and from there the bus to Viñales for a lot less than the Viazul.

Where is the Havana National Terminal (Terminal de Omnibus)?

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The National Bus Terminal of Havana is situated at Rancho Boyeros and 19 de Mayo avenues, Plaza de la Revolucion municipality. The two main ways to get there are by bus and by taxi.

How to get to the Havana National Terminal (Terminal de Omnibus) by bus

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Buses may not be a very comfortable option for getting around in Cuba, but they certainly are the cheapest way to do so. There is a bus stop just in front of the station, and the buses that can take you there are the P2, P12, P16, 8, 67, and 174. You may choose any of these buses depending on your starting location: P2, P16, 67, or 174 for Vedado, P12, 8, or 67 for Old Havana, 8 for Playa, etc.

How to get to Havana National Terminal (Terminal de Omnibus) by taxi

Regarding taxis in Cuba there exist two options: Colectivo taxis, and regular personal cabs.

The Taxi Colectivo may cost up to 20 pesos (less than 1 CUC) depending on the distance. There is a Colectivo route that will leave you at Rancho Boyeros street, also known as Avenida Independencia, just in front of the bus station. These taxis may be taken at Calle 23.

However, if you are coming from Centro or Old Havana, it is better to take a taxi that leaves you on Calle Ayestaran. You will only have to walk a couple of blocks from there to the station.

Another option, especially if you are close to Malecon is to take a taxi that goes up the Calle G, and leaves you a few blocks from the station. If you are not sure where to get off, just remind your driver to tell you when you get near “Terminal de Omnibus”, and they will show you the way.

The so-called “taxi libre” (or private taxi) that do not have a determined route, can take you to the station from any point of the city, but for a much higher price. Wherever is your starting point, at any crowded street, especially if there are many tourists, you will find drivers offering their services. Just don’t forget to bargain, and you will be able to reach an agreement for a price that is satisfactory for both parts. The price for a taxi to the bus station should be no more than 5-10 CUC from Old Havana and 5-10 CUC from Vedado.

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