How to get from Viñales to Havana

How to get from Viñales to Havana

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Havana is approximately a 2 hour drive from Viñales. Find out how to get there from Viñales. If you want to know how to get from Havana to Viñales click here.

ViazulPrivate TaxiColectivo taxiColectivo Through PinarCamiones through Pinar
Price in CUC12 per person80 per vehicle16-27 per person6 per person3 per person
Duration2 – 3:40 hours2 hours2 hours3-4 hours4-5 hours
Departing fromViñales ParkYour Hotel/CasaYour Hotel/CasaViñales ParkViñales Park

Buses to Viñales from Havana

The company “Viazul” offers two buses a day to travel to Havana from Viñales from the main station. The first one is in the morning and the second is in the afternoon. The trip is 3 hours and 40 minutes long if the bus makes a halfway stop in Las Terrazas, and 2 hours if it doesn’t. The official rate is 12 CUC. This is the most affordable and inclusive means of transport because you can transport big luggage, travel with children in a safe way and trust a precise schedule. Viazul buses leave from the Viñales Park.

Viazul busses leave at 8:00 or 14:00 to Havana from Viñales.

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about taking the “local” bus company. The local bus company, Astro, offers seats for foreigners only if they are students, have identification as Cubans or have Cuban residence.

Taxi from Viñales to Havana

If you stay at a hotel, simply go down to the lobby and ask for a taxi. At a casa particular in Havana, the owner can also help you to get a car.

You can also book a taxi online.

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Private Taxi to Viñales

A taxi particular (private taxi) can offer you a ride to Viñales for around 80 CUC. The benefit of using a private taxi is that you can ask the driver to stop whenever you want, for instance, to buy some things on the roadside, take some photos or simply to make a detour. It is also a good way to get in touch with locals.

For those getting to Havana late or feeling tired; a direct taxi from the airport to Viñales costs 120 to 150 CUC, depending on your haggling abilities. It takes about 2 hours and a half.

Collective Taxi (colectivo) to Havana (direct)

On the other hand, a colectivo can be affordable if you travel with others, as a ride can cost 16 to 25 CUC per person. Don’t expect a safety belt: this kind of taxis are mostly antique American cars, which is funny for adventurous and first-time visitors, but can also be disappointing if you are looking for comfort.

If you are staying at casa particular your host might be able to arrange the colectivo for you. Alternatively, you can book a colectivo to Viñales online or try to catch one at the park (expect haggling).

Car hiring

If you enjoy driving yourself, hire a car at REX, Cubacar or Havanautos. The fare is roughly 40 CUC a day, plus fuel and insurance. The landscape of the Pinar del Río province is beautiful and always green. The road could be quiet, and sometimes is not very safe, though. Another minus is the need to look after the car.

Be warned however: hiring a car in Cuba can be a complicated experience.

Combination of transports through Pinar del Río

Colectivos through Pinar del Rio

Colectivos to Havana tend to be relatively expensive because the route of Havana-Viñales is primarily touristic. A way to get a better price is to take a colectivo to Pinar del Rio first, and then take a colectivo from Pinar del Rio to Havana.

You can take a colectivo to Pinar del Rio from the Viñales park. It is best to arrive early in the morning as the colectivos have no fixed schedule and leave whenever there are enough passengers. The price should be approximately 1 CUC.

The drive from Viñales to Pinar del Rio takes about 40 minutes and takes you to the “hospital viejo” (old hospital). There you have to take the bus of the Route 6 (20 cents of Peso Cubano) or another camion (5 Peso Cubano), or walk to the city center of Pinar.

There you can negotiate a colectivo from the bus station to Havana for 5-6 CUC. It will take the colectivo over two hours to get to Havana Omnibus station.

Speaking some Spanish doesn’t hurt, but is not absolutely necessary:

I think as long as you can say the name of where you’re going and “cuanto cuesta?” then that’s all you need.

Crystal – Travel blogger who took this route

Camiones through Pinar del Rio

As we explained in our guide to traveling on camiones in Cuba, there is the option of taking a camión (2 CUC or 50 Peso Cubano) along the Autopista Este-Oeste, also known as Autopista de Pinar del Río (Pinar del Rio motorway).

The camiones which go to Havana can be found at the Bus station in Pinar del Rio. There are 147 km between Havana and Pinar del Río. It takes the camion about 3 hours to get Havana. Once in Havana the camion will leave you at the beginning of the „Autopista Este Oeste”.

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You can get to the city center by walking about 1 km and taking P12 or P16 local bus, aka guagua (40 cents of Peso Cubano or 5 cents of CUC). These are the same ones that take you to and from the airport to the stop of „100 y boyeros”. Be sure to have an offline map on your phone to be able to figure out when you get there.

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