Guide to Trinidad, Cuba

Guide to Trinidad, Cuba

by cubapura

Trinidad is a small town located near Cienfuegos in the eastern part of Cuba. It is a stunningly beautiful place, mainly known for its abundance of colonial architecture; and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, following Havana and Varadero.

In 1988 it was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, due to the perfectly preserved examples of colonial-style buildings and streets that you can see there. Most people who visit Trinidad compare their experiences to time travel: it feels like time has stopped there a few centuries ago. Here is all you need to know to make your stay in this amazing place as pleasurable as it gets.

Things to do in Trinidad

If you are travelling to Trinidad with your family, here are a few things you can do:

Visit Museums

Museo de la Arquitectura, Palacio Cantero, and Museo Romantico are some of the museums that you could visit in Trinidad to spend your time not only in a fun way, but also learning something new about the history of the town. The entrance fees are about 2 CUC, and the exhibitions will allow you to fully experience the atmosphere of the XVIII century in this colonial town.

Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco. Also known as Bell Tower, it is an amazing viewpoint, from where you can enjoy the view of the whole town from above for the price of only 2 CUC. Besides you can also visit another museum located in the first floor of the same building.

Explore the surroundings

Salto de Caburni.

This 75-meter waterfall is located in the Tope de Collantes National Park only 6 kilometers away from Trinidad. There you can see a variety of species of plants and animals and swim in the natural pools created by the waters of the waterfalls.

Valle de los Ingenios.

The “Valley of Sugar Mills”, one of the most famous tourist spots near Trinidad contains the ruins of what once was the most prosperous sugar refinery in the country. Even though not much remains now of what Valle de los Ingenios used to be in the XVIII century, you can still see some working sugar mills there. The Manaca Iznaga Tower provides an amazing view of the whole city of Trinidad.

Tope de Collantes National Park.

Located in the mountains of Escambray, this park is a massive nature reserve, featuring a hiking trek, which leads to a beautiful waterfall with a natural pool – the already mentioned Salto de Caburni. Horse riding is another popular tourist activity in this park.

Playa Ancon.

Located 12 kilometers away from the city center, Playa Ancon is a beautiful beach, where you can not only have a great time swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and doing all sorts of other seashore activities, but also enjoy a great view of the mountains surrounding the city.

Enjoy the nightlife

Trinidad also has a surprisingly vibrant nightlife considering it is a small town.

Casa de la Musica Trinidad

It is the main nightclub of the city, where live music is played every night since 7 pm. On weekdays you have to pay an entrance fee of 1 CUC, while on weekends you can see the show for free.

La Cueva (the Cave Club)

Las Ayalas disco, better known as La Cueva, is special because it is a nightclub inside a cave. The entrance fee is 5 CUC, but you can have a free drink when you enter. It is a popular place for the young people of the area to spend their nights.

Bar el Mago.

A hip spot where local youths and artists hang out. During the day you can get a coffee, and at night people get drinks and listen to electronic music before going up to the Cueva.

Best day trips from Trinidad

El Nicho waterfalls. If you are up for an adventure, a trip to El Nicho is probably your best choice. Even though it is not easy to reach, you certainly won’t regret visiting this beautiful place. Here you can enjoy a view of the huge waterfall, the well-preserved nature, and swim in the natural pool right beneath the waterfall.

Cayo Blanco. Surrounded by coral reefs, Cayo Blanco is a small, yet very beautiful beach near Trinidad. Boats for the beach leave the town every day at 9:00 am. If you love beaches yet want to go off the beaten path of the most famous beaches in Cuba, go straight to Cayo Blanco and enjoy a whole day on the white sands of this kay. 

Where to Stay in Trinidad

Hotels in Trinidad

Imagen de la galería de este alojamiento

The main hotel in town is Iberostar Grand Hotel Trinidad. It is an adult only five-star luxury resort which may cost you around $300 a night and will provide you the highest comfort levels in the whole city.

Hostels and Casas Particulares in Trinidad

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The prices for private accommodation in Trinidad usually range from 30 to 60 CUC, depending on the size and the conditions of your lodging. As in any other part of the country, there are many options for Casas Particulares on Airbnb and Booking.com, and these are the most economical choices which also provide great service.

If you want help planning your trip to Cuba you can use ViaHero – a trip planning platform that will connect you to a local in Cuba to plan your legal trip to Cuba and get a completely customized travel itinerary with offline maps and recommendations from locals in Cuba.


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