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3 tips to find cheap flights to Cuba in Winter 2018

by cubapura

Cheap flights to Cuba can be hard to find, especially in peak tourist seasons of December and January. The Caribbean island is a very popular tourist destination with millions of visitors looking to soak up some sun and Cuban culture every year. Here are a few tips on how to find flights to Cuba this winter without breaking the bank.

1) Shop around

Make sure to check out flight search engines such as SkyScanner and Kayak, not just your favourite airline. Skyscanner in particular has a helpful feature where you can select an entire month, and it will show you the cheapest outgoing and return flights. It also allows you to compare the price for different airlines and destinations

2) Check out flight blogs

There are many blogs that keep tabs of the best flight deals to all destinations. A famous one is Secret Flying. which helps find the cheapest flight deals to hundreds of destinations including Cuba. It has dozens of great deals for flying to Cuba in Winter 2018.

3) Try to get charter flights

Cheap flights to Cuba

Travel agencies often charter planes to take their clients to all inclusive vacations. Often they cannot fill them up, so they sell seats cheap. You can find cheap charter flights to Cuba with Thomas Cook and TuiFly, both of which operate flights to Varadero from several European destinations.

+1) Be flexible

Flying to Varadero from Brussels isn’t ideal if you want to go to Havana from Paris. But often the savings are considerable if you get a low cost flight from your hometown to a place where charter flights fly from. For example, depending on where you live, it can be much cheaper to fly with Ryanair, Easyjet or WizzAir to London or Brussels and from there to Cuba than directly. This is also known as a hacker fare.

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