Best old car tours in Havana

Best old car tours in Havana

by cubapura

One of the distinctive characteristics of Cuba is the abundance of old vintage cars made in the 50s and earlier. For a Cuban, this is just a part of his or her everyday life, but tourists always marvel at the magical feeling that these cars bring to the city. Therefore, it is a must-try experience to travel Cuba on one of these vintage cars.

Why does Cuba have so many vintage Cars?

Vintage cars in Cuba are part of daily life with most classic cars being used as taxis. Some of them…

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Due to the great demand for these services, there is a huge number of offers of convertible tours. It is not difficult to find a driver in Havana who would provide you with a ride around the city on their classic convertible: you can choose the model and even color of the car you want a ride in just while strolling through the city center. Beware: you’ll have to haggle and the driver will most likely not speak any English

However, if you want to plan your trip and book your car in advance, as well as to choose a tour with an English-speaking guide, certain itinerary or any other feature that is important for you, you can look for the perfect convertible car tour for you online. If you want a 1955 Convertible Oldsmobile or a 1954 Cadillac, you’ll have to do some digging. Here are some of the best offers that can be found on the Internet.


Duration: 2 to 6 hours

Starting time: On demand

Price: From $70 up to $250 per car, depending on the type and duration of the tour

Number of people: 4 passengers per car

Itinerary: 3 different tours are available, open to modifications.

Language: English, Spanish, Russian, French.

Guide/photographer: included in price

Bestway Tours Cuba

Duration: 3 to 8 hours

Starting time: On demand

Price: From $35 and up to $130 CUC per person (depending on the type and duration of the tour)

Number of people: Unlimited

Itinerary: Christ of Havana, Capitol, Chinatown, Old Havana, Malecon, University of Havana, Revolution Square, etc. (A tour of the beaches and Tropicana show are available as separate tours)

Language: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese

Guide: Included in price

Urban Adventures

Duration: 2 hours

Starting time: On demand

Price: From $55 (includes one drink at Hotel Nacional)

Number of people: Up to 4

Itinerary: Centro Habana, Miramar, Vedado, Malecon, 5th Avenue, Revolution square, Hotel Nacional

Language: English

Guide: Included in price

Strawberry Tours: Vintage Car Tours

Duration: 2,5 hours

Starting time: 9:00 am; 11:45 am; 3:00 pm or 17:45 pm

Price: $25 for a seat, $99 for a whole car

Number of people: Up to 5

Itinerary: Fraternity park, Capitol, Central Park, Christ of Havana, Revolution square, Malecon, Miramar, John Lennon statue park, La Cabaña, Havana Forest, Havana University

Language: English, Spanish

Guide: Only available for in a separate tour starting from $199 CUC for 1-5 persons

Nely Havana Tour

This is a family company that has a 1955 Convertible Buick, available for tours.

Duration: 3 hours

Starting time: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm

Price: $150 CUC

Number of people: Up to 4

Itinerary: 3 tours available: Hemingway tour, Havana highlights + the other side of the harbor, and Havana Highlights + Fusterlandia

Language: English

Guide: Included in price

Havana Vintage Car Tours

This company has a 1955 Convertible Oldsmobile ready for your visit.

Duration: 3 hours

Starting time: On demand

Price: $50 per hour

Number of people: Up to 5

Itinerary: 3 different tours available with itineraries open to modification on demand

Language: English, Spanish

Guide: Available for an extra price of $15 per hour

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