All you need to know about Bacardi Rum

All you need to know about Bacardi Rum

by WhyNotCuba

Bacardi holds the title of being the largest family-owned spirits company in the world, with its ever-growing range of more than 200 labels and brands. This globally acclaimed brand has its presence in more than 170 markets around the world. Although the brand avidly offers a wide range of liquor to its consumers, their signature drink, which led them to the success they are currently enjoying, is Bacardi’s superior white rum.

The creation of this unique, and light-bodied drink made it distinct from the other rums that were present in the market. But the rum connoisseurs did not accomplish it in the blink of an eye. It took endless efforts to create and establish Bacardi as the renowned name that it is now.

The humble beginnings

In contrast to its proud expansion with the time, The ‘spirits giant’ had its beginning under a small tin-roofed distillery. Initially, rum was not as much in demand as it is now due to its unrefined nature, and cheap production, though, Bacardi changed the game for it permanently. Don Facundo Bacardi Massó, the father of Bacardi, played with the flavors to create a brand-new quality of rum that was the turning point for the brand.

Facundo pioneered the art of creating refined rum and set up a distillery at the scenic port town of Santiago de Cuba on February 4, 1862.  

Facundo tried various techniques and methods to provide the liquor with a distinct taste and appearance by ‘taming’ the harshness of rum, which did not suit the palates of emerging middle-class Cubans. After experimenting with several strains, he found the perfect one for his product in the very place where the major ingredient for rum, molasses was found, which is a sugarcane farm. The proprietary strain of yeast is known as ‘La Levadura Bacardi’ and, it still is the backbone of Bacardi.

Other than using a whole different variety of strain to make rum, Facundo also used an alternative filtration technique. To create an innovative blend of pure flavors, he used charcoal to filter the rum and aged it to bring out the signature Bacardi flavors.

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Bacardi building

Bacardi building in Havana is one of the topmost Art Deco landmarks which enhances the beauty of Havana through its architectural richness. The sole purpose of the creation of this building was for it to serve the role of Bacardi headquarters, though, under the government of Fidel Castro, its confiscation made it a national heritage rather than a privately-owned property.

Cuba and Bacardi

Cuba and Bacardi share a fluctuating bond that started after 1958 amidst the tension of the Cuban revolution in the country. As we know, Santiago de Cuba is the birthplace of Bacardi, and it is hard to separate the two, though the political tension shook the foundation of the gradually rising brand. The Bacardi family member initially supported the Cuban revolutionaries though later the revolutionaries started to dominate and put down their common interests. After it, the company, along with the Bacardi family, took back their support and started opposing the revolutionaries. Facundo’s eldest son Emilio was arrested repeatedly for having fought against the Spanish, which ultimately led the revolutionary government to confiscate their company assets. In order to preserve the hard-earned assets and brand name, Bacardi left its home town to establish itself in the new territory of Bermuda. Bacardi may have suffered through various struggles and dark times, though this allowed them to construct a new bridge to reach out to their international consumers in Europe.

Currently, Bacardi is not available in Cuba for sale. Drinks made under the Bacardi distillery are still in service around the clubs, but with the name ‘Caney’. Bacardi continues to fight for the trademark of ‘Havana Club’ under its name, as the company bought the brand from its original owners, but the Cuban government is offering it in association with another French brand.

Bacardi is not just any other liquor brand that offers you a pleasant taste. It is the evidence of turning challenge into an opportunity. Sipping on the versatile flavors of a Bacardi rum with your favorite Bohme will totally make you appreciate the profound history that the refined flavors of this drink carry in itself.

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