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  • MogoteArt: an artistic home in Viñales

    The MogoteArt boutique hotel was recommended to us by a journalist who had visited the site in the aftermaths of the meteor impact in Viñales. You can still see the site where the meteor hit the ground at the entrance of the hotel. Why is the place called MogoteArt? Well, one half of it is […]

  • Viñales Valley, Cuba

    Only a few sites in Cuba capture the visitor’s attention as much as Viñales Valley does. This marvellous place is located in the western province of Pinar del Río, within the Sierra de los Órganos, one of the sections of the Guaniguanico mountain range, to be precise. Since 1999, Viñales is a World Heritage Site, […]

  • World Heritage Sites in Cuba

    Cuba’s eclectic culture, nature and history are reflected in UNESCO’s World Heritage site list. When Christopher Columbus and his expedition arrived in Cuba in 1492, there were more than 100,000 aborigines living in the country. Their ancestors were conquerers who arrived long ago on boats, from the north of South America. Disease, famine (some say it […]