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  • “El Manantial”: an eco-lodging in Trinidad

    The eco-lodging “El Manantial” is an unique spot, a secluded oasis in the middle of the jungle. Although the place looks like paradise, no many people know about its existence. It’s just one of those hidden gems. Where is “El Manantial” located? El manantial eco-lodging is located in the heart of Topes de Collantes mountains, […]

  • How to go from Viñales to Trinidad

    Vinales is approximately 500km away from Trinidad, which can be a very long journey in Cuba. Nonetheless, this is a popular route for many tourists. Bus from Vinales to Trinidad The “tourist bus” Viazul company offers one daily trip from Viñales to Trinidad. The bus departs at 6:45 am every day, and is quite popular, […]

  • Five things to do for New Year’s Eve in Cuba

    The end of the year is a cheerful time in Cuba, perhaps the best time to visit the island. The warm climate is tempered by the soft Cuban winter, and the overall mood is relaxed and optimistic. This “winter” will not restrict your sea bathing options, given that average sea water temperature for a year is […]

  • World Heritage Sites in Cuba

    Cuba’s eclectic culture, nature and history are reflected in UNESCO’s World Heritage site list. When Christopher Columbus and his expedition arrived in Cuba in 1492, there were more than 100,000 aborigines living in the country. Their ancestors were conquerers who arrived long ago on boats, from the north of South America. Disease, famine (some say it […]