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  • Casas Particulares in Cuba

    Choosing a lodging is essential while traveling to Cuba, not only because it provides an adequate place to sleep, eat, rest, and tidy up, but because it generally is a crucial part of your experience. A room or a house, a mansion or a small apartment in a quiet and elegant area, or in a […]

  • “El Manantial”: an eco-lodging in Trinidad

    The eco-lodging “El Manantial” is an unique spot, a secluded oasis in the middle of the jungle. Although the place looks like paradise, no many people know about its existence. It’s just one of those hidden gems. Where is “El Manantial” located? El manantial eco-lodging is located in the heart of Topes de Collantes mountains, […]

  • Malecon 663: a hipster boutique hotel in Havana

    Malecon 663 is a striking boutique in Havana and it’s also a really cool hipster spot. The rooftop bar and concept store host the greatest events in Havana