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  • When is the best time to visit Cuba?

    People come to Cuba for many reasons, most of them I dare say come for the pleasure of the weather and the clean air. “Why Cuba?” you might ask, well “Why not? It’s gorgeous!”. So to answer the question: there’s not a wrong time to come to Cuba. The feeling when you go to the […]

  • The Habano Festival: History and tradition

    Among the many things that attract people to Cuba, the Habano culture is by far the most alluring of them all. According to field experts, a Habano is nothing less than the best cigar you will ever taste in your life. And you can do it, if you come to El Festival del Habano, also […]

  • Best traditional fiestas in Cuba

    Every city and small town in Cuba has its own festivities. Several holidays in the country began as a Christian tradition, and with time they turned into traditional fiestas. Some of them have lasted more than two hundred years, continuing its validity throughout the years. Typical music instruments, congas, comparsas and floats parades are often […]

  • Insider’s Guide to Guayaberas

    For this edition of Insider’s Guide spoke with Joe Jenovese, who is the founder and one of the artists behind Y.A.Bera Clothing, a fashion brand focusing on a modern take on traditional Cuban Guayaberas. Joe grew up in Miami in Cuban household with the guayabera being part of his identity: The Guayabera is my childhood, […]

  • 8 Cuban cultural festivals you can’t miss

    Cuba is a cultural power. This is evidenced by the fact that you can buy Cuban rum, cigars, music and Che Guevara t-shirts all over the world. In Cuba,  Havana is the principal venue for some of the most important cultural and arts festivals. Nevertheless, a considerable number of events take place outside the capital […]

  • 23 Interesting Facts about Cuba

    The most important interesting fact is that Cuba is a melting pot of different cultures and influences with a fascinating history. Although there are hundreds if not thousands of interesting facts about Cuba, here are a few you might want to know before you travel to the island nation. 1.  The official name of Cuba […]

  • Top 9 best music festivals in Cuba

    Cuban music is world famous: think salsa, Buena Vista Social Club and Camilla Cabello. The creators of the island have decided to turn the country in a worldwide source of rhythms and dance. You can find more than  Latin music and salsa on the island. All sorts of different styles are embraced by local public. […]