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  • Best old car tours in Havana

    One of the distinctive characteristics of Cuba is the abundance of old vintage cars made in the 50s and earlier. For a Cuban, this is just a part of his or her everyday life, but tourists always marvel at the magical feeling that these cars bring to the city. Therefore, it is a must-try experience […]

  • Transportation in Cuba

    You can find numerous means of transportation in Cuba: if you are short of money and prefer cheap transportation, you may want to ride only buses and trains during your trip to Cuba, but these do not always come on time and often are not in their best condition, so, if comfort is important for […]

  • Why does Cuba have so many vintage Cars?

    Vintage cars in Cuba are part of daily life with most classic cars being used as taxis. Some of them look brand new, painted in vivid colours and transport tourists around at prices beyond Cubans reach (25-50 CUC per hour). Those that are less well maintained are used as collective taxis or ‘taxi colectivos’ as […]