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  • How to eat cheap in Havana, Cuba

    In Cuba, there is a big variety of places to eat, which can be extremely expensive, as well as surprisingly cheap. For low-budget traveler in Cuba, as well as people who simply want to experience Cuba from the point of view of the local people, the best option is street food. In Havana there are […]

  • Guide to Viazul bus Cuba

    Cuba has many bus lines, but the biggest difference is who the clients are. Viazul buses are mainly meant for tourism and are relatively modern air conditioned European/Brazilian/Chinese buses. On the other hand, Astro buses are only for Cubans (you will be asked to show ID). Like many things in Cuba, getting a bus ticket […]

  • How to get to Havana National Terminal (Terminal de Omnibus)

    Havana National Terminal was until recently the place from where the Astro bus leaves Havana for all the other Cuban provinces. The Astro bus is primarily intended as a means of transport for Cubans (and foreign residents living in Cuba) to travel between towns. However, as of March 22nd of 2019 it is also where […]

  • 10 free things to do in Havana

    All travelers who have visited Cuba agree upon one thing: the country is not a cheap tourist destination. Especially in its capital, Havana, the prices tend to be high, especially for all the services that are commonly used by tourists. Read about why Cuba can be surprisingly expensive for tourists The good news is that […]

  • A guide to travelling on camiones in Cuba

    As we mention in our guide to backpacking in Cuba: Camiones are old repurposed trucks made in the USSR or China which now transport people. It is not the nicest way to travel: it is cramped, seats are basically benches, people transport live animals, it moves extremely slowly, safety in case of accidents is negligible, […]

  • How to backpack Cuba on a budget

    Cuba is one of the fastest growing travel destinations in the world. That being said, it is an island of paradoxes: despite the average salary being less than $50 a month, Cuba can be surprisingly expensive. If you want to understand, read why Cuba can be surprisingly expensive for tourists.  In this article will guide you on backpacking Cuba if you are on […]