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  • Cuban visa: ultimate guide to the Cuban Tourist Card

    Every tourist entering Cuba, aside from their passport, most have another important document: a Tourist Card Visa. This is also known as a Cuban visa by many. There is another document which is a Visa, and it is for people who cannot obtain a Tourist Card Visa. Don’t fret, we’ll explain. Do I need a […]

  • American travel to Cuba after June 2019

    On the 4th of June 2019 the US State Department announced a new policy regarding travel to Cuba in line with the announcements made by John Bolton in April 17. The Treasury and Commerce Department also made subsequent announcements. What was announced? We read the entire Treasury release so you don’t have to. Here are […]

  • Ideas for U.S. Travelers: 10 Activities that support the Cuban people.

    For many years by now it the US government for American citizens to visit Cuba for tourist activities. However, it does not mean that it is impossible for travelers from the USA to visit the island. The new regulation announced by president Donald Trump in 2017 provide 12 categories under which it is possible to […]

  • Can a non-US citizen fly to Cuba through the US?

    With Florida being very close to Cuba, traveling to the island from the US has been an appealing option not only for Americans, but for people from any other country. Often people will fly to Miami from Europe, and from Miami to Cuba. Fortunately, it is possible to travel to Cuba through the US. However, […]

  • Traveling to Cuba under “Support for the Cuban people” FAQs

    Summary Millions of US citizens have traveled to Cuba without any trouble whatsoever. Support for the Cuban People general license is really broad and easy to get. You will not be interrogated by customs on the way back to the USA. Disclaimer: we are not lawyers and this is not legal advice. We are just […]

  • Should I exchange US dollars to another currency before going to Cuba?

    There is a lot of debate between whether it’s worth exchanging US dollars in the US to Euros or Canadian dollars before going to Cuba. In our opinion you should, but we’ll go through the numbers with you to help you decide. It depends on the circumstances for every individual. This applies to Americans that have […]

  • How to travel to Cuba legally as an American in 2019

    Updated: June 2019 In June 2019, the Trump administration imposed the newest travel restrictions on U.S. travel to Cuba. America alleged that its employees at the U.S. embassy in Havana were subject to sonic attacks by the Cuban government and issued travel warnings. These recent tensions between the two nations have left many Americans confused […]