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  • Guide to Ciénaga de Zapata and Bay of pigs.

    Ciénaga de Zapata is one of the six biosphere reserves in Cuba, located 150 kilometers southeast of Havana. This natural park is the wildest, most untamed region in the Caribbean. It is one of the best ecotourism destinations in Cuba.   The park contains extensive and varied ecosystems. Crocodiles, flamingoes, deer, jutias and the rare manatee […]

  • Getting to know the Havana International Fair

    Official Website Dates: Nov 4 to Nov 8, 2019 The most important multidisciplinary trade fair in Cuba is the Havana International Fair (FIHAV). This is a weeklong event celebrated every year, to promote commercial products and services from Cuba to the world and to attract foreign inversion to the island. FIHAV has become one of […]

  • Guide to Gibara

    For most of the year, Gibara is a small sleepy fishing town in the province of Holguin. If you go visit for most of the year, it is easily possible that you’ll be the only tourists in town. However, this changes for a week every year with the Gibara Film Festival. The festival has grown […]

  • Best old car tours in Havana

    One of the distinctive characteristics of Cuba is the abundance of old vintage cars made in the 50s and earlier. For a Cuban, this is just a part of his or her everyday life, but tourists always marvel at the magical feeling that these cars bring to the city. Therefore, it is a must-try experience […]

  • ArtHaus Guide to the Havana Biennale

    ArtHaus Havana is a beautiful colonial villa that houses the an independent artist residence. This is their outsiders guide to the Havana Biennale: independent artist events that are not included in the official programme. They are mostly in Spanish, but the language of art is universal. Everyone is welcome. Thursday 11 Abril: Expo: From a […]

  • Best Tattoo and Body Art Studios in Havana

    If you are going to get a tattoo done, getting it done in Havana is a good idea. The artists are highly talented and the prices are a lot less than in Europe or North America. This is despite the fact that running a tattoo studio in Cuba is hard: there is no such thing […]

  • Coppelia: the legendary Cuban ice cream parlor

    If you ever decide to take a tour around the Vedado district of Havana city, you will most probably notice the long lines that form on the corner of 23 and L. Both during weekends and weekdays, from early morning to late evening there are always people patiently waiting in endless queues. These are the […]

  • Napoleon Museum in Havana

    Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9.30am to 5pm Sunday from 9.30am to 12.30pm Price: 3 CUC for tourists / 3 CUP for localsAddress: Calle San Miguel n°1 15, Havana, Cuba The Napoleon Museum is located in the Vedado neighbourhood of Havana, next to the Univeristy of Havana. The museum is in a remarkable 1929 Florentine […]

  • Birdwatching in Cuba

    Cuba is a perfect place for trekking, practicing nature photography and of course birdwatching. If you don’t normally enjoy birding, maybe just escaping the noise of Havana in the countryside for a day sounds appealing. It’s up to you how you spend your holiday, but if it is in Cuba: why not taking a birding […]

  • Canopy tours in Cuba

    Cuba is increasing is repertoire of adventure vacation offers. The island, where until now the main attraction for tourists were the beaches, culture, architecture, history and nature, is expanding to the new niche of adventure tourism. The idea of Canopy is to slip from one place to another hanging on a steel cable sited dozens […]