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  • The Habano Festival: History and tradition

    Among the many things that attract people to Cuba, the Habano culture is by far the most alluring of them all. According to field experts, a Habano is nothing less than the best cigar you will ever taste in your life. And you can do it, if you come to El Festival del Habano, also […]

  • Can I travel to Cuba in Summer 2020?

    Summary Phase 1 of Post COVID-19 recovery plan. Tourists CAN NOT travel to Cuba. June 17/2020 – First phase established in Cuba (except for Havana and Matanzas). June 22/2020 – First phase established in Matanzas. July 3/2020 – First phase established in Havana. Phase 2. Tourist can travel to Cuba, but only to the Keys. […]

  • Everything you need to know about Cuban cigars

    Cuban Cigars – History, Heritage, Production & Smoking on the Island Cuban cigars are world-renowned for their quality and taste. They play an integral role in Cuba’s history and development. Cuba has been shaped by cigars. And cigars have been shaped by Cuba. The history of the Cuban cigar and the impact on the social, […]

  • How to visit Cuba (from your home)

    Coronavirus is nowadays all over the news. The whole world has been affected by this virus and we are all concerned about it. This is definetly not the time to travel; but what if you find a way to travel without leaving your home? Those who are eager about travelling to Cuba can use the […]

  • All you need to know about Bacardi Rum

    Bacardi holds the title of being the largest family-owned spirits company in the world, with its ever-growing range of more than 200 labels and brands. This globally acclaimed brand has its presence in more than 170 markets around the world. Although the brand avidly offers a wide range of liquor to its consumers, their signature […]

  • How to be a digital nomad in Cuba (2019)

    Being a digital nomad in Cuba is challenging, but depending on the nature of your work it is possible. It mostly depends on your internet needs: the more internet you need the more difficult it will be. You’ll also have to be patient, and be armed with a good VPN. Will I need a VPN? […]

  • Generation Y: unusual Cuban names

    The more Cuban people you get to know, the easier it is to you to notice a certain peculiarity: many Cubans have unique names that cannot be heard anywhere else in the world, and some of them, even in Cuba only a few people share the same name. It is a trend in many Cuban […]

  • Famous Cubans

    When foreigners think of Cuba, they often imagine the country’s famous beaches and beautiful green landscapes. Others think of rum, cigars, salsa, and other things the country is famous for. But these are not the only things that make the country special. The main reason the country may feel proud about are its citizens. Cuban […]

  • Health Tourism in Cuba

    Cuban medicine has a good reputation all around the globe. It started gaining respect back in the XIX century, when the Cuban doctor Carlos Juan Finlay discovered that the yellow fever was transmitted by mosquitoes and developed a vaccine against the disease, which was a great advancement in the medicine of that time. Now, the […]

  • Baseball: Cuban national sport

    If you ask Cuban men about their favorite sport, most of them will answer: baseball, or as it is sometimes called in Cuba, pelota. Baseball matches are important events in all the cities of the country, and most locals follow the National Baseball Series. From a very young age many of the Cuban children play […]