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  • How to visit Cuba (from your home)

    Coronavirus is nowadays all over the news. The whole world has been affected by this virus and we are all concerned about it. This is definetly not the time to travel; but what if you find a way to travel without leaving your home? Those who are eager about travelling to Cuba can use the […]

  • From Havana to the countryside in search of Seboruco

     Seboruco (literally “big rock” in Cuban slang) is a hill 678 meters high, located in the Sierra del Rosario. This land belongs to the biggest mountain range in the west of Cuba: Guaniguanico. Although I have never been to the hill, I have visited the village of Seboruco. The truth is that the peak is […]

  • Hiking Turquino Peak: Granma- Santiago route

    Pico Real del Turquino (1974 m) is the highest summit above sea level in Cuba. It is the main elevation in the Sierra Maestra range. This mountain chain was a refugee and warfare scenario for the Fidel’s revolutionaries in the second half of the 1950’s. The ascent to the Turquino is a challenge for many […]

  • Nature immersion in Las Terrazas, Cuba

    Traveling in less than an hour from the urban bustle of Havana to the green peace of Las Terrazas may be surprising for those who know little about distances within Cuba and the diversity of landscapes and ecosystems, which are very close to each other in the island. It is impossible to be more than […]

  • Tropicana: A cabaret beneath the star-filled sky

    Official Website Tropicana (click for the location) is a famous Cuban cabaret that breaks with preconceptions. It is located in the open air in a wooded area. The so-called “Paradise beneath the stars” is placed within the former farm Villa Mina, in the municipality of Marianao, Havana. The nightclub is blended with the colours of […]

  • Hiking downstream in the Canyon of the River Santa Cruz

    This rough canyon is located in the Sierra del Rosario, a natural reserve within the Guaniguanico mountain range, the biggest in the west of Cuba. The Canyon stretches along six kilometres of the River Santa Cruz and goes around the river with huge farallones (rocky outcrops) up to 200 metres high. Other rivers and streams […]