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  • Cuban Currency: The Definitive Guide (2021)

    Using Cuban money one of the most confusing things about travelling to Cuba. In fact, many tourists who fail to do research are stranded without any usable money! Our site is run by a group of Cubans and Cuba lovers and we’ll tell you all you need to know in order to help you avoid […]

  • Tipping etiquette in Cuba: by a Cuban

    Every country has its own customs and policy when it comes to tipping. For a traveler it may be difficult to understand how much money to tip to the staff at restaurants, hotels, and any other services they use while staying in a foreign country. This often leads to overtipping, or not tipping enough, both […]

  • Should I exchange US dollars to another currency before going to Cuba?

    There is a lot of debate between whether it’s worth exchanging US dollars in the US to Euros or Canadian dollars before going to Cuba. In our opinion you should, but we’ll go through the numbers with you to help you decide. It depends on the circumstances for every individual. This applies to Americans that have […]

  • Three unique reasons why Cuba can be expensive for tourists

    Many people are passionate about travelling, but have to travel on a budget. Money doesn’t grow on trees after all! A lot of people travel to Cuba expecting prices to be cheap, like other countries in Latin America or Southeast Asia. When they arrive, the reality is very different: taxis, food and shampoo can cost […]