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  • How to go from Viñales to Trinidad

    Vinales is approximately 500km away from Trinidad, which can be a very long journey in Cuba. Nonetheless, this is a popular route for many tourists. Bus from Vinales to Trinidad The “tourist bus” Viazul company offers one daily trip from Viñales to Trinidad. The bus departs at 6:45 am every day, and is quite popular, […]

  • Best old car tours in Havana

    One of the distinctive characteristics of Cuba is the abundance of old vintage cars made in the 50s and earlier. For a Cuban, this is just a part of his or her everyday life, but tourists always marvel at the magical feeling that these cars bring to the city. Therefore, it is a must-try experience […]

  • Guide to Viazul bus Cuba

    Cuba has many bus lines, but the biggest difference is who the clients are. Viazul buses are mainly meant for tourism and are relatively modern air conditioned European/Brazilian/Chinese buses. On the other hand, Astro buses are only for Cubans (you will be asked to show ID). Like many things in Cuba, getting a bus ticket […]

  • How to rent a car in Cuba

    Many tourists who visit Cuba prefer to make a personalized schedule for their trip, which is why getting around by bus, train, or plane may be inconvenient for them. In this case hiring a taxi may help to make things more flexible, but still many people prefer to travel completely independently. If you are one […]

  • How to get from Viñales to Havana

    Havana is approximately a 2 hour drive from Viñales. Find out how to get there from Viñales. If you want to know how to get from Havana to Viñales click here. Viazul Private Taxi Colectivo taxi Colectivo Through Pinar Camiones through Pinar Price in CUC 12 per person 80 per vehicle 16-27 per person 6 […]

  • Top Bike Rental and Cycling Tours Companies in Havana

    Bicycles are a popular mean of transportation amongst Cubans. In addition to taking you from one place to another on your own schedule, a bike ride allows you to admire thoroughly the city sights and the urban landscape. There are many popular routes in Havana to go cycling, including the historical route through Old Havana, […]

  • Sube: first ride-sharing app in Cuba

    A team of five young Cubans developed the mobile app “Sube”. The word sube means “get in” in English. This application is available for Android (iOS has to wait just for now), and pretends to ease some of the serious issues of transportation in Cuba, especially in the capital, Havana. With more than 2 million […]

  • Changes in Cuban taxis in 2019: what tourists need to know

    It is widely known that Cuba is a country where the government controls almost completely the economy of the nation. However, starting from 2010 there have been a number of reforms that gave people the possibility to start small businesses, allowing more freedom into the world of work possibilities. The private sector developed very quickly, […]

  • How to get to Havana National Terminal (Terminal de Omnibus)

    Havana National Terminal was until recently the place from where the Astro bus leaves Havana for all the other Cuban provinces. The Astro bus is primarily intended as a means of transport for Cubans (and foreign residents living in Cuba) to travel between towns. However, as of March 22nd of 2019 it is also where […]

  • How to get to Havana Viazul station

    The Viazul buses are a very popular way for tourists to travel between cities in Cuba. For a price much lower than that of a taxi it provides you a fairly comfortable service, and allows you to travel faster than, for example, by train. The Viazul busses no longer leave from the station in Nuevo […]