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  • When is the best time to visit Cuba?

    People come to Cuba for many reasons, most of them I dare say come for the pleasure of the weather and the clean air. “Why Cuba?” you might ask, well “Why not? It’s gorgeous!”. So to answer the question: there’s not a wrong time to come to Cuba. The feeling when you go to the […]

  • How to eat cheap in Havana, Cuba

    In Cuba, there is a big variety of places to eat, which can be extremely expensive, as well as surprisingly cheap. For low-budget traveler in Cuba, as well as people who simply want to experience Cuba from the point of view of the local people, the best option is street food. In Havana there are […]

  • Guide to Viazul bus Cuba

    Cuba has many bus lines, but the biggest difference is who the clients are. Viazul buses are mainly meant for tourism and are relatively modern air conditioned European/Brazilian/Chinese buses. On the other hand, Astro buses are only for Cubans (you will be asked to show ID). Like many things in Cuba, getting a bus ticket […]

  • How to rent a car in Cuba

    Many tourists who visit Cuba prefer to make a personalized schedule for their trip, which is why getting around by bus, train, or plane may be inconvenient for them. In this case hiring a taxi may help to make things more flexible, but still many people prefer to travel completely independently. If you are one […]

  • Should I exchange US dollars to another currency before going to Cuba?

    There is a lot of debate between whether it’s worth exchanging US dollars in the US to Euros or Canadian dollars before going to Cuba. In our opinion you should, but we’ll go through the numbers with you to help you decide. It depends on the circumstances for every individual. This applies to Americans that have […]

  • 3 tips to find cheap flights to Cuba in Winter 2018

    Cheap flights to Cuba can be hard to find, especially in peak tourist seasons of December and January. The Caribbean island is a very popular tourist destination with millions of visitors looking to soak up some sun and Cuban culture every year. Here are a few tips on how to find flights to Cuba this […]

  • 23 Interesting Facts about Cuba

    The most important interesting fact is that Cuba is a melting pot of different cultures and influences with a fascinating history. Although there are hundreds if not thousands of interesting facts about Cuba, here are a few you might want to know before you travel to the island nation. 1.  The official name of Cuba […]

  • Beginner’s Guide to Cuba

    New to Cuba? A lot of things in Cuba are very different from most other countries in the world. It can be highly paradoxical: rum is cheaper than bottled water, there are two currencies, cows are considered “sacred”, Soviet style buildings can be found next to Spanish colonial palaces and glamorous American style Art Deco residences… Moreover, […]

  • Three unique reasons why Cuba can be expensive for tourists

    Many people are passionate about travelling, but have to travel on a budget. Money doesn’t grow on trees after all! A lot of people travel to Cuba expecting prices to be cheap, like other countries in Latin America or Southeast Asia. When they arrive, the reality is very different: taxis, food and shampoo can cost […]

  • How to get to Havana from Havana Airport?

    If you are travelling to Cuba independently and need to get to Havana from the airport, you can chose from several different modes of transport. Some options are quick and more expensive, others are cheap and slightly more adventurous.